zaterdag 21 december 2019

Number 12

Number 12

A mere five points difference between Howling Giant on Number 13 and the album we find on Number 12. A duo that manages to sound huge, loud yet very contained within they space they define. A drum sound that clashes against the walls like gigantic waves; a compelling and distorted bass over which the almost ethereal voice floats and shines and gives air to the immense stoner doom that just continues to wash and tumble over you. Dark by default the continuation of each of the melodies keeps you on the edge of the abyss, never pushing you over, never exploding and holding a tight grip on one of your extremities. It is an unholy push and pull, that only really whips you into a different state when the title track rolls around. A Stand out track if ever there weas one and complete different from all that came before and comes after; sinister, raw, punky and venomous. Released early November through Prophecy Productions it immediately struck a chord with all the heavy music fiends out there and they took heed of the coming year… On Number 12 we find!  

Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust

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