zaterdag 7 december 2019

Sonic Moon – Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers

Sonic Moon – Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers
Self released – 2019
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Grunge, Noise
Rated: ****

We’re visiting Denmark for the Five-track EP Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers. A complete DIY production by the five crazies from Aarhus that formed the band Sonic Moon somewhere around 2016. And yes, we know, there are other bands called Sonic Moon, making it more difficult for this one to catch everyone’s attention. Which they definitely deserve! Cause the five tracks on this sweet little release are simply stated: damn freakin good! It feels like a Scandinavian take on stoner, desert and grunge. That warm heavy embrace we all love so much sounds colder, windswept and icy. Perhaps that’s because they use some noisy influences and have a grunge take on their sound that is intensely blue. Even though they went with the color pink for the cd packaging, there is a definite blue sound here. A strange color blue. They’re sixteen tons heavy and on the move! Indeed, the first half of the release also have this tiny Madrugada vibe before the grunge gets turned up on the later half. Which is darker still, brooding and almost ominous. Damn these guys can sure set a scene and create an intense atmosphere… Sit down, grab your headphones, turn off the lights and dive deep into the Sonic Moon!

(Written by JK)

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