maandag 30 december 2019

Number 2

Number 2

And what we mentioned about the Top 6 being in a league of their own considering the amount of points they all received, well, the Top 2 positions are even further removed from those other four we mentioned the past four days. Cause we jump almost 450 points from Salem’s Bend on Number 3 to reach the Number 2 spot… Indeed, this album received so many votes it almost broke the scale. And it’s only on the Silver Medal position! Do you realize what that means for the Number 1 spot? Cursed Tongue Records released this nugget somewhere around June and it immediately made everyone’s jaw drop, head bang and blood rush! It was our very own Reek Of STOOM that wrote it about back then for the HiVe. “… an album of Intensity, Intelligence and Invention. The band’s new opus, reads like a Rocker's almanac: a mental cognizance of every Great band you ever heard...” Exactly, it’s all there he mentions the ‘dreadnought riffs’, ‘heavy blues monoliths’, ‘glistening knives of fuzz’ and the ‘fabric of psychedelic doom’. “The band have unearthed a album that is immediately evocative of all the 70's Heavy Blues giants and the influences can be heard throughout… But Retro it is not... This is Modern Heavy Rock music of the very Highest Order that just has enough of that nostalgic feel to be familiar..” And Bucky Brown immediately predicted it on their bandcamp page: “You’re probably gonna want to keep your AOTY checklist handy and mark this debut near the very top.” Second place, the Silver Medal of 2019 goes to!

Hippie Death Cult - III

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