donderdag 7 maart 2019

Navarone – Salvo

Navarone – Salvo
Suburban – 2018
Rated: ***

We’ve been mentioning the Dutch five-piece Navarone ever since they started releasing full-sized albums. For some reason, we passed over on their 2017 album Oscillation. But we mentioned their self-titled debut EP, the awesome A Darker Shade Of White and 2014’s Vim And Vigor. But as the new one Salvo starts running; we imagine we remember why we passed on Oscillation. It might have been due to the fact that the band enrolled in some Dutch tv-program that produces weak artists, singers and bands. They should not have done that, they’re already better that that. You know the one I’m talking about; I believe it runs in every country across the globe. But hey, we all have to do whatever we have to do, so let’s give Salvo an honest run! Even bigger sounding guitars and gestures. A definite hardrock groove and a vocalist that damn well can sing, as we already knew. But he does implore some little tics and tricks that might become annoying after a few spins; just put second track Reset on repeat and you will hear what we mean. They move even more towards a condensed (hard) rock sound that implores pop sensible hooks, choruses and aims to please the big crowds. It’s a comfortable album with mostly predictable choices; more Alter Bridge than anything grimy, but still, it has its moments…

(Written by JK)

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