vrijdag 29 maart 2019

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Friday, March 29, 2019, we’re finally over the hump. It’s been a gruesome and bad case of stomach flu, lost half a stone in weight and almost a week of time. Horrible. Horrible. But it has been done, and the energy and kilo’s will shortly return, I am sure. But as we sometimes do, when a Friday is upon us, when a weekend is opening it’s windows; we quickly mention a couple of releases you all should be checking out during said weekend... And yes, we know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more. More attention and more of our time! But there is so much out there and we just simply cannot ever do it all justice. So here it is. The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava! 

A Constant Knowledge of Death – Vol. III.a: Forth From The Quiet To The Air That Trembles

April will see the release of a new A Constant Knowledge of Death album. The five-piece have delivered a grade a progressive acoustic metal album that seems perfect for a burgeoning spring. Combining all sorts of post rock and post metal influences into very breathable prog, airy and open spaced, thanks to that acoustic take on things. It’s heavy and it’s light and it’s something worth your while! 

Ramblin’ Roze – Old Time Revival

So great to see and hear that things are getting wild and wicked in Beijng, China as well! Ramblin’ Roze is a heavy blues rock band that likes to speed up and do some honest stoner truckin! On their five-track Old Time Revival release we hear a five-piece that knows where the good hardrocking mustard comes from; and add to those blues roots a bit of punk and a whole lot of fuzzy groove! We love the shit out of this one!

Scratch – Grave Grove (Call You Out)

The Grave Grove (Call You Out) single is a track that came together with one half of the Scratch band living in New York, USA and the other in Perth, Australia. A grungy protest song that once again takes everything back to the bluesy roots is all came from. One single, damn good, and now we can’t wait for more by Scratch!

Mu Cephei – Mantras of The Uninformed Mind

If you’re looking for some droning, hypnotic, atmospheric doom metal, that's black to the touch and bleak in feel, look no further. Here’s Mu Cephei and their five track release Mantras of The Uninformed Mind. Over 1 hour of experimental doom that will wreck your mind if it’s not completely open. Cause it’s dark, it’s death and it’s doom! Doom so twisted, it will make your head go Exorcist for the entire duration… 

Electronichaos – Make or Break it, Don’t Give Up

A first track of a new release called Architectural Destructivism by Electronichaos. The first demo by this one-man band was labeled as Nintendo Metal, and grindcore and deathmetal. And some of that was definitely accurate for the Canadian bastard. But this new track promises much more and seems to steer away from the bleak stuff. Much more progressive and definitely more interesting! Make or Break It, Don’t Give Up seems to have found interesting foothold and we can’t wait to hear about his next steps…

Onioroshi – Beyond These Mountains

And we end almost as airy and upbeat and uplifting as we started this Quick Fire Friday, and we do that with some progressive psych from Italy. Onioroshi releases an atmospheric post rock adventure that incorporates some noise explosions, some stoner elements and a lot of intricate details that give their sonic landscapes, color, body and depth. It’s a wild adventure that you can take over and over, cause there is so much to discover…

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