donderdag 14 maart 2019

Starified – Feathers

Starified – Feathers
CSBR Records – 2018
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Indie
Rated: ****

Over the last decade, Russia's Stoner & Doom scene has grown exponentially in artist numbers and reputation. At the forefront of this New Russian Wave are Starified, a three-piece outfit from Moscow. Their latest release, Feathers walks the line between Modern Metal, Hard rock and Indie pop sensibilities. Opener 'Hunter' has a bluesy edge, but tempers the hardness with an Indie vibe, as singer Vadim Ambartsumyan gives us his growly, Alex Turner - esque delivery. The Bluesy Grunge feel continues unabated through tracks such as 'Guessing Game' & 'Second Life' with Guitarist Yuriy Berezovik wringing out fat, melodic riffs and quirky hooks throughout the album. Title Track 'Feathers' crawls with an off-kilter Stoner vibe whilst remaining light and airy. All in all, Starified have delivered a Modern, Accessible Rock album with a very Radio - Friendly sound and great production deserving of airplay both on and off the airwaves... Otlichno!

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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