donderdag 7 maart 2019

Warp – Warp

Warp – Warp
Nasoni Records – 2019
Rock, Garage, Psych, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ****

Warp, a three-piece from the outskirts of Tel-Aviv, Israel. We don’t know that many Tel-Aviv bands or even Israeli bands. And we suddenly wonder why that is? Perhaps it’s due to the constant turmoil the country is in? Or perhaps there simply aren’t that many to begin with? Whatever the reason, we are extremely glad the self-titled debut by Warp is now gracing our ears. Their lo-fi, gritty almost tinny sounding approach to psychedelic and stoner rock is infectious and electrical. There are some darker, doomier moments, but for the most part these tracks spark a fire in your soul, something that enriches the blues that resides in your belly. It revs you up and makes you head out into the wasteland in search of wild parties where the kool-aid is laced by default and smoke machines bellow out wave after wave after wave of green smoke… Blissfully happy you just whirl around and become the mad dervish you always longed to be. Through the haze you can still make out a band sweating what looks like pearls of blood out onto the stage and you can see their magical notes take on form and float and dance through the air. And you are there among them, dancing and whirling and waving… Now, sitting in a chair in the warroom as the final note dies away vague memories of battles with lampposts and walls and kerb stones, of knocking into people who said something about watch your step and threatened to drop him one, voices that sounded angry, and the hard unsympathetic stones of pavement, you wonder what just happened. I wasn’t really out there on that amazing and ferocious party, I was just here, at home, with my headphones on and my eyes closed… Warp, what an album! Let’s do that again!

(Written by JK)

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