vrijdag 15 maart 2019

Motorpsycho – The Crucible

Motorpsycho – The Crucible
Stickman Records – 2019
Rated: ****

How do you review a Motorpsycho album? Even their record company has to prepare a warning before you play the music! “Motorpsycho was always too gnarly for prog nerds as well as too musically unwieldy for punks, and as their appeal becomes ever more selective, they are still proudly falling between all cracks, stools or chairs one might think of putting in their way. ‘Prog rock’? Call it Motorpsychodelia!” See what I mean….. Elements of Sabbath rub shoulders with King Crimson while dipping a toe into Jazz while flirting with Opeth and Yes. This is a sprawling, epic journey that will either alienate you or enthral you. You are never quite sure what you will hear next but it will always be heavy. Repeated plays reveal gems in the background. Some people will be turned off by this. Me, I listen to Miles and Zappa exactly for this reason. Music that demands to be listened to, not background wallpaper. Be brave dear readers, take the plunge!

(Written by Tony Maim)

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