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Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

We haven’t done this in a very long time. In fact, it’s almost been a year since we did a Quick Fire Friday! Ye gods, how time flies! The reason we want to do it today is the fact that we noticed we mentioned a whole lot of albums released in 2018 recently. Cause even though amazing albums are being released every day in a staggering amount; we are apparently also not done with 2018. So, here are just a few that we missed back then… And yes, we know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more. Much more! More attention and more of our time! But there is so much amazing music out there and we just simply cannot ever do it all justice. So here it is. The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Withered Fist – This Is My Mountain

They reached the fourteenth position of January’s Doom Chart and Bryan Coffey from Indy Metal Vault wrote about it: “If you like a good tale woven around some heavy doom with a dash of classic rock and sludge, then this EP is for you. Go buy it… NOW!” And you should, cause Withered Fist is a power duo that produces heavy, slow, all out stomping fuzz clenching the doom and the sludge until the last drops of melody fall into the sewer… Excellent!

Scorpio Rising – Scorpio Rising

Another three track release. This time however we are moving into occult territory! Very little can be found about this blood dripping nugget. But the grimy lo-fi doom displayed by Scorpio Rising certainly whispers woeful tales about the ancient and sinful properties of man. Once again, we find ourselves lusting for that vintage spilling of blood…


Starified – Feathers

Our newest member Reek Of Stoom had been lusting after this one since we got into contact with him. It’s Starified! A three-piece from Moscow that implores garage and punky attitudes when they bring forth the alternative rock and stoner. Pop sensible, the album streaks naked all over the place, giving a new meaning to let all it hang out…

Vidus – Gigante

Gigante by Vidus brings us some tasty alternative rock from the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. It’s stoner and desert reminiscent sound brings us back to the old days when that kind of music smelled like sweat, sand and shimmering heat. It’s grungy, it’s gritty and it’s Gigante!

Hotrod Deathtoll – SuperFuzz Suplex

“The perfect soundtrack for when you have a Dodge Challenger you need to deliver in record time.” Well, Hotrod Deathtoll crazies, we could not have said it better! SuperFuzz Suplex is fast paced, high energy rock’n roll that floors the fuzz, stomps the stoner and pedals the punk to the absolute brink of speed explosion!

Terras Paralelas – Entre Dois Mundos

We close of this Quick Fire Friday segment with some instrumental progressive psychedelic rock and metal from crazy Brazil. We’re talking about Terras Paralelas and their full-sized release Entre Dois Mundos. Formed in 2015 the three amigo’s definitely take a jazzy approach to their hop, skip and jump rhythms and grooves. Having you on the edge of some enormous cliff the entire time and constantly  threatening to push you over… Dangerous stuff!

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