donderdag 28 maart 2019

Disen Gage – The Big Adventure

Disen Gage – The Big Adventure
Addicted Label – 2019
Rock, Prog
Rated: ***

The seventh album of Russian collective Disen Gage is called The Big Adventure and it’s not just one hell of a journey, it’s a party as well! From pointy and hooky moments to jazzy and frolic playing, it’s all there and it’s all incredibly cheerful. Eight compositions that get to the core of progressive rock and celebrates its jazzy influences and isn’t afraid to drag you along with meandering rhythm changes and tracks that seem to bounce like a gumball on a trampoline. You get torn apart by atmospheres and moods that border on the delirious and are all encompassed by the bright clear and crisp production. This is progressive rock indeed; progressive with many colors and hints of luminous phosphorescent energy. A happy adventure it is! 

(Written by JK)

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