zaterdag 30 maart 2019

Neoyka - Vol II : El Desborde y el Ocaso

Neoyka - Vol II : El Desborde y el Ocaso
Self-released – 2019
Stoner, Psych
Rated: ****

Chile... The place Where Gods and Immense beings roamed and forged the Inca civilization aeons ago. Now, new Gods have entered equally awesome and leviathan, in the form of Neoyka, a four-piece Stoner band from La Serena, the 'place of Serenity'. However, Serenity is not a word you could ascribe to Neoyka - their blend of Heavy Psych, Stoner and Fuzz assaults the senses and rocks you back on your heels! Shifting effortlessly between the supercharged excesses of Fu Manchu and the grooved crushing of Greenleaf, Vol II: El Desborde y el Ocaso (The Overflow and The Sunset) sees Neoyka stride through their second release with Passion, Flair and damned heaviness! The dynamic proto-metal of '70 Rockas' evokes memories of psych Kings Embrujo whilst 'Sabelas' meanders through cactus - strewn deserts, mesas and sweltering, shimmering heat-waves... 'A 2 Segundos' crackles with a Sabbath-inspired density, crunching riffs as slow as the pulse of Cthulhu with swirling keyboards ominously brooding beneath before unleashing the raw power finale... Each track a seemingly living entity of it's own. Neoyka have offered up a noise to the Gods, and Viracocha smiles His approval... Awesome!

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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