donderdag 14 maart 2019

Boogie Beasts – Deep

Boogie Beasts – Deep
Sonic Rendezvous – 2019
Rock, Blues, Psych, Garage
Rated: ****

We’ve got dancefloor leveling stompers, groovy swingers, sultry and sticky songs! And ofcourse psychedelic wickedness that marries their barnyard garage and bluesy bourbon soaked tunes to perfection. Oh yes, these Belgian Boogie Beasts know how to get down and get everybody dirty! Their new album Deep is the perfect soundtrack for completely smoked out venues that sell dubious quality homebrewed moonshine in leaky mugs. And I remember listening to the debut album Come And Get Me back around 2015 and thinking, shit, we need to keep an eye on those dastardly bastards of Boogie Beasts. With spurs earned in rickety garage outfits like The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo and wild psychedelic rockbands called Voodoo Boogie; the four beasts have now set their aim on combining that with some honest Delta blues roots. Recorded live and analogue, the album soon becomes an atavistic and primal return to the days of yore when a slide guitar would silence the onlookers and a harmonica would make a crowd go insane. Deep by Boogie Beasts is there for everyone who longs for those lazy hot summers, laying in the hay, sprinkelet in their teeth and sipping on some bourbon… And for those who wanna jump around at a hoedown dance party filled with junkies, thieves and outlaws… Yes, it’s for everybody!

(Written by JK)

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