dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Navarone – A Darker Shade of White

Navarone – A Darker Shade of White
Self released – 2012
Rock, Seventies, Blues, Southern
Rated: ****

During the Dutch Courage Month earlier this year we already mentioned Navarone’s first self-titled EP and notified of a full-sized album on the horizon. Well; it’s here and the amount of improvement in regards to that first release is staggering, incredible and a bit scary. That first EP was a watered down rendition of their influences; a middle of the road version of southern alternative rock. But I guess the Devil did show up at the Moon Music Studios and did in fact push them in the right direction. For this time around we are treated to some heavy seventies rock with a definite bluesy and southern feel that can rival the masters. We hear Zeppelin movement and Black Crowes rhythms, Wolfmother heaviness and Deep Purple progressive symphonica. The five grooveheads also add a small tingle of soul, a horn section and some moments reminiscent of Pink Floyd and with it deliver one hell of an eclectic album that always retains its focus. Mixed by Vance Powell (Raconteurs, Kings of Leon, Beck) A Darker Shade of White turns into a true monument of a record. One that will stand the test of time!

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  1. I guess they stood on some crossroad the five of them and sold their soul!