vrijdag 30 mei 2014

Navarone – Vim and Vigor

Navarone – Vim and Vigor
Suburban – 2014
Rated: ****

What a revenge it was. Their full-sized debut album A Darker Shade Of White released in 2012. It levelled the floor with their slightly plastic self-titled EP from 2009. And now, only a big year later, Navarone returns with a follow-up called Vim and Vigor! On it, they only move slightly back towards their first release, continue from the second one on and most importantly change color once again. More big gestures and more direct rocking. Less experiment and more condensed rockers. Less Zeppelin, Less Crowes, Less Wolfmother and almost no Deep Purple and loads of Foo Fighters, some Soundgarden and perhaps Raconteurs or something else with hooky choppy guitars. They’ve also dismissed that lovely tingle of soul present on their former album and all this leads to conclude that Navarone did not attempt to recreate that amazing release and wanted to produce an entirely different album. It might take some more time getting used to and perhaps it will never be as righteous and good as the one they took vengeance with; but it still rocks and rolls and has you listening to a damn impressive throat…  

(Written by JK)

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