maandag 5 december 2016

Thee Arthur Lane – Hvy Drt Vol. II

Thee Arthur Layne – Hvy Drt Vol. II
Self released – 2016
Rock, Blues, Seventies, Psych
Rated: *****

Back in 2015 the four Thee Arthur Layne cats released their first seven inch. The Hvy Drt Vol.I release was absolutely the best seven inch to ever grace the needle over here. Two golden tracks filled to the brim with full on dune boogie rockers straight out of the psychedelic seventies. Its punky, its proto-metal and grooves the hell out of every bellbottom pants in the room. And the boys are back with a follow up. Aptly called Hvy Drt Vol.II the two tracks move even more into the blues avenue of everything they did before. When the news came that Graveyard called it quits back in September, we were all distraught. But listening to the two tracks on this single we can rest easy and know that that style of rock is in good hands. And yes, ofcourse their own professed love, inspiration and source for everything Edgar Broughton Band also shines through. Intense free rock, both wild, warm and soulful. Yet with this icy spark that sends shivers up your spine. Something big is happening here and Thee Arthur Layne will lead the way!

(Written by JK)

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