dinsdag 27 december 2016

Number 6

Number 6

You can always count on Witchcraft in some form or way. Right? Well, we jump quite a few points now to Number 6. And there we find two bands, one was released on my birthday in December 2015 and the other at the end of October 2016. Oh, yes, another band from December making the list and this high even! But then again, it was to be expected, cause the album soar high in the beginning of 2016. It lead the Doom Charts in fact and the other band this as well towards the end of the year. So, it’s definitely logical to find these two cracking our flights or riffs together. Smooth, warming blues metal, hard rock and swampy doom-tinged psychedelic vistas that enchant with their majestic jams! And that’s just the first album we mentioned. The second one is different creature but big on riffs for sure. In fact, they make a statement about being guardians of the guitar magic and they surely are. Stoner metal trucking that just keeps unloading riff upon riff, getting fatter and heftier as you drive along. Infusing their love for the riffs with your heart and soul, becoming like them protectors of that charm as well. Standing with them, flag in hand, on that hill, fighting off all oncomers to defend what we all hold so dear…

Egypt – Endless Flight


Wasted Theory – Defenders Of The Riff

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