donderdag 22 december 2016

Number 11

Number 11

We pass Curse The Son and Holy Serpent on Number 12 to see the final album on Number 11 before we enter the Top 10. A band that names itself after the first album of the band that started everything has some gigantic balls. Yes, we just assume they did that. Ofcourse it also means miserable and unhappy. And we know it might also be because of the background of loss. But hey, let's assume for a moment that is was because of the godfather band, okay? And then naming your debut album after it as well, well, you’d better prove you are worth it. And they do. Beating the bands on Number 12 with a handful of points they received votes from many of you freaks out there. Doom metal, stoner rock and the gravity of loss. There is so much drama hidden in this record it seeps out with every riff and every guitar color. Born out of the demise of The Gates Of Slumber and born out of the loss of a close friend, the new power trio moves through seven tracks that memorize all the goodness of doom, heavy rock and the world of fuzz. Raw, heavy and emotional. Once again, we must state with a heavy heart that so much great stuff has to be born out of loss and good things coming to an end… 

Wretch – Wretch

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