dinsdag 13 december 2016

Number 20

Number 20

It almost happened. A band that released its album in December of 2015 making it to the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2016. No less than 8 freaks voted for Yuri Gagarin’s At The Center Of All Infinity. And it would have been righteous. For December 2015 counts and it is an amazing album. But it was not to be. Cause they were bested by one single point by these Russian reptile loving cats. Already making the Number 16 spot on the list back in 2010 and now once again. The instrumental psychedelics and excellent stoner tracks on this album are filled with amazing guitar work and massive bass-lines. And there’s always this bluesy undercurrent that flows along. Or as Frazer Jones stated when the band made the Doom Chart back in August: “… re-turn with a mix of old and new tunes, re-mixed, re- recorded and utterly re-markable soundscapes that criss-cross across genres like tire marks on an old dirt road. Funky and experimental sit side by side with gnarly and rocking, on a breath-taking journey of musical excellence.” And we could not agree more! So get rocking with these freaky lizards! 

The Re-Stoned – Reptiles Return

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