zaterdag 17 december 2016

Number 16

Number 16

We climb only three points from Mos Generator on Number 17 to reach the first position occupied by two bands. Both from Europe, one hails from France and the other from Denmark. One of which aims for the psychedelic free rock adventure, while the other produces adventurous extraterrestrial stoner rock. And ofcourse, those French space age travelers appeared on the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown before, on Number 6 of the 2011 edition to be exact. Still highly atmospheric the band seems to slowly build towards an apex with every song and the entirety of the album. With less tempo, the arcs are shaped with dreamlike vocals, space rock explorations, pop sensible melodies and hefty doom-ridden riffs. The Danes give us their absolute best when professing their desires and thoughts for the human race. Intense psychedelic rock with garage influences that culminates into the perfect example of  free rock. Free being the operative word without any doubt! Yes, Open Doors and get hooked! It’s…

Mars Red Sky – Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)


Baby Woodrose – Freedom

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