woensdag 28 december 2016

Number 5

Number 5

Egypt and Wasted Theory, two great bands with seriously amazing albums occupying the Number 6 position. But at Number 5 we find only one and one alone. For after Number 6 come the serious jumps. Before this spot, every position we moved up was with one point, five points, a few more or even twenty five. But now, we make a gigantic leap of a hundred and fifteen points. That’s right, everyone in the top five was voted miles ahead of the rest of the field by 76 sent in lists. 76 of you lovely freaks out there thought the 21 albums we already visited were the finest of the fine. But all of you, who voted, reckoned the following were even better! So... Six years had passed since their former album. This one being a meticulous deconstruction of their feedback driven melodies. No hope on the horizon, just an endless barrage of pessimistic riffs and tortured grooves. Yes, mostly low tempo, high distortion terrorism. Drugged out thrash and warbled blues odes. Bone chilling, hair raising and blood curdling. And even if there is no hope left and no green light on the horizon… Still, they pray…

Cough – Still They Pray

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