maandag 26 december 2016

Number 7

Number 7

The fat ass Wo Fat album Midnight Cometh made it to Number 8 of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2016. We have already passed so many good albums. What hell is still to come? Well, on Number 7 we find an album released early this year. An album by a band that made the Number One spot before and has always inspired controversy among fans. Sixteen points above Wo Fat we find a band that has been doing so since their inception sixteen years ago. Wow, how’s that for poetic justice. Well, new members a plenty and with only the man responsible for forming the band back in 2000 as the only member of old around, they continue the sound of their 2012 album. But everyone must be pleased with its more organic take on that sound and the darker and doomier approach. And judging from the amount of votes, the solos, the furious backbeats, the stoner breakdowns, the psychedelic minimalism, the doomed march, the long winded stretch and all else that surrounds and whirls around the core of this album has struck a chord with everyone out there. And, if this album has not really turned you on, maybe their next will, cause they don’t go around repeating themselves…

Witchcraft – Nucleus

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