donderdag 15 december 2016

Number 18

Number 18

Komatsu charged at us from Number 19 and now we jump quite a few points to find another band that has making the list from day one. Yes yes, Numero 13 back in 2009. And yes yes yes, an album released in December 2015 made the list! So, in short, these guys wowed the crowd when they were Red and Blue, left loads of fans divided when they were Yellow and Green, but seem to have exacted revenge on those of us that were unsure the band still had it when they changed color once again. Twin guitars, heavy sludge riffs and a distorted breeze that just blows your mind back. There is nothing on this album that seems out of place. What color will they shift to next? We will see, but for now let's just enjoy this Purple monument! Yes yes yes yes, we are ofcourse talking about…

Baroness – Purple

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