maandag 19 december 2016

Number 14

Number 14

We jumped a few points here and there the past positions to reach Number 15 featuring Gojira and Black Rainbows. But now we jump another ten points to reach place Number 14 which is, once again, occupied by two bands. Swedes and Brits. One of them delivering their debut (full-sized) album this year while the other one came out swinging with their fifth. Everyone loves those Swedes and seeing them live will only make you love them more. Their stage antics and wild shows are always highly entertaining. You can count on them to show you a good time. With their fifth album they even managed to outdo their former album that reached Number 8 back in 2014. And they managed to outdo themselves, turning their wild no nonsense stoner rock into something much more adventurous. Which took quite a few fans to take slowly to their new album. But once the coin dropped, they were ofcourse once again victorious! The Brits rode high on the Doom Charts for four months straight. And rightfully so, their debut album is so chuck full of swing and groove, so densely packed with melodies and songwriting skill, you almost forget about the high intensity desert rock and blues roots that fuels it all. Riff upon riff and hymn upon hymn…

Truckfighters – V

Elephant Tree – Elephant Tree

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