dinsdag 20 december 2016

Number 13

Number 13

Will Number 14 which featured Truckfighters and Elephant Tree be the last position with two bands? Or can we count on more albums getting the exact amount of votes? Well, on Number 13 we find just one. And one alone. Well, ofcourse the man did receive some help from some weird punky friends. But, the man has been reaching the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown with each album he has released in the years the Countdown has been running. So, since 2009 that is. Reaching Number 7 in 2010 and Number 3 in 2014. O’ and let’s not forget about the band he was a part of back in 2013, which reached all the way to Number 1 thanks to 61 of you voters out there. He was ofcourse also part of the band that started everything and is without a doubt the one master and guru of the laidback desert scene. The new record just proves it all over again. It contains universal truths and sundried tones, raw and edgy on some moments, funky and soulful on others and always warm, windswept and dusty. And above all much more bluesy and with an intense groove. The Tao cannot be articulated with mere words. But the man has found the right amount of music to do it with…

Brant Bjork – Tao Of The Devil

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