vrijdag 30 december 2016

Number 3

Number 3

We enter the Top 3 by jumping twenty six points from Goatess on Number 4. The bronze medal so to speak. And ofcourse, the album title also hints at the third position, so it is, once again, a fine example of poetic justice. It is also a fine example of a highly natural take on a space rock adventure that has only a tiny amount of cosmic radiation glowing over all that psychedelic goodness, stoner trucking and seventies fuzz extraordinaire. In fact, that voidian sounds could also be attributed to the progressive nature of all the compositions. Or as Tony van Dorsten of Fast N Bulbous stated on the Doom Charts, where they were a definite fixture for a couple of months straight: “They revel in the natural sounds of their instruments, letting the bass and drum interplay flow with a virtuosic groove that has more in common with the most accomplished classic rock than scruffy underground fuzz heads. They sparingly unleash the fuzz effects, most notably on ‘Wolf & Snake,’ giving me a fond flashback to Sungrazer. The album ends with a bang with “Mr. Strange,” chock full of changes from guitar harmonies to space jams and “whoa whoa” vocals. The record should seal the trio’s spot in the top tier of heavy rock bands, not just in Sweden, but the world.” And we simply could not agree more. A definite spot among the top tier in the world and a definite spot among the best records in my house. So, on the Third Spot on The Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2016 we find…

Asteroid – III

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