woensdag 21 december 2016

Number 12

Number 12

Ofcourse Mr. Bjork always makes this list. Responsible for so much, and we’ve just been loving so much of the music he has been putting out over the years. And Tao Of The Devil on Number 13 was no exception! But we do jump a lot of points again to head over to Number 12. Where we, yes, find once again, two bands! Two albums that have been riding high on the Doom Charts. Lysergic rock soundscapes are pouring out of the majestic fuzz viscera’s of this album with sluggish fury and so they stun the senses, numb the body and intoxicate the brain with their abysmal doom aura and thanks to the rich talents of this trio, who sprinkle their grandiose heavy sound with hazy sludge touches and almost imperceptibly grunge hues and funk timbres that accentuate their muggy stoner aesthetics, we are offered an extremely heavy and almost irresistible album of high stoner/doom quality. Yes, that’s what Lyk from Phantasmagoria wrote back in April for our Doom Chart. And Clint from Hand Of Doom wrote this: In scenes, reminiscent of the progression between the first and second albums from Elder you will bear witness to a band raising the stakes in crafting their own sound – heavy and oozing with melody, unexpected twists and surging riffs, searing wah soaked solos and that mile-thick guitar tone has so much bite, incredible… The album seems to slow down and get heavier with each track… And both were right on the money! So, let’s curse the serpent and isolate our temples!

Holy Serpent – Temples

Curse The Son – Isolator

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