donderdag 28 januari 2021

Yeti – The Pact



Yeti – The Pact
Self released – 2020
Rock, Hard, Doom, Psych, Proto, Occult, Metal
Rated: ***

I don’t know that much Finnish. Of course the most important ones I know might be Hilla, Tiistai, Kippis and Hiero Anka. But don’t worry, Yeti, the four-piece from Kemi, Finland sings in English and I just wanted to show off my wonderful grasp of the Finnish language. Formed in 2009 they released their first demo around 2013 and first official album The Ritual in 2015. We mentioned that highly diverse album back in December of that year and must conclude that it’s still a damn good release six years later. And the record entitled The Pact adds seven wild tracks to that earlier release. Turning more towards Doom and dipping heavier into the occult sound, the seven tracks move away from the folk touches of their earlier release. It’s still there, but in a lesser degree and mostly thanks to the slightly ethereal vocals of Kaisa Kari and tracks like 706. There is a small issue with the mix, we miss a bit of depth and fatness to the lower regions and this unfortunately makes the drums come across less intense on a few tracks. But if you turn the bass levels way up on your equalizer it will fix that. There also seems to be a bit of a weird cut-off at the end of third track Braveheart; it might be intentional, but then it will be even weirder. But even so, it’s still a damn good record! And yes, The Pact could have been a wild superlative metal opera…

(Written by JK)



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