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JK’s – Personal Top 20



JK’s – Personal Top 20

The Stoner HiVe Team Members are all involved with the Doom Charts as well. So most of the personal lists already appeared there. But we’re reposting them here once again. Just because we like to keep things nice and tidy; and up with the tradition…

Every year again since we started Stoner HiVe back in 2009 we are stumped, amazed and awed by the amount of majestic releases. Sure, we all curl up in our own little niche most of the time and go absolutely apeshit listening to all that heavy stuff. And that part of the music world alone is already incredible. And then think about the other genres out there and the amount that’s released in that part of the music world. I personally just hope that all you crazy music fiends out there keep on trying out the other stuff as well. Cause we can all get swamped in our own little niche of danceable stoner pop, blackened doom or grimy garage sludge. But there are so many amazing album being released on a monthly basis. It is stupendous, insane and absolutely stunning. Below follows a list of thirty albums that did a lot for me on many levels. But I can just as easily name twenty or fifty more that also did a lot for me. And that’s just the heavy stuff. Looking at the thirty I sent in; I’m thinking: ‘what the hell?!’ How can you leave off The Goners, with their Good Mourning album and that amazing opening track Are You Gone Yet? Or the new 1000Mods album? How about the amazing 10Code? ZOE? Big Scenic Nowhere? And we can list many albums more this way… Well, below our personal Top 20, err Top 30; we list another 30 or so albums that we enjoyed like crazy! And crazy we are! About all that heavy magic! And thanks to the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown I’ve dived deeper into all those albums as well; and all of them should be on my list as well! Man, we love’m all so much! Keep’m comin! Keep’m comin!

JK’s – Personal Top 20 (errr, Top 30)

1.    Psychlona – Venus Skytrip
2.    Honeybone – Spheres
3.    I Saw The Deep – Vimana
4.    Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip
5.    Kayleth – 2020 Back To Earth
6.    Geezer – Groovy
7.    Lowrider – Refractions
8.    Elden – Nostromo
9.    Slift – Ummon
10.    Forming The Void – Reverie

11.    Ritual Earth – MMXX
12.    All Them Witches – Nothing As The Ideal
13.    Motorpsycho – The All Is One
14.    Elephant Tree – Habits
15.    King Buffalo – Dead Planet
16.    Alain Johannes – Hum
17.    Wolfhand – The Devil Arrives
18.    Vessel – Vagabond Blues
19.    Molasses – Through The Hollow
20.    Phe – Glooming Dawn

21.    An Evening With Knives – Sense of Gravity
22.    Desert Storm – Omens
23.    Jegulja – Exit Sandman
24.    Desert Colossus – Eyes And Tongues
25.    Murcielago – Casualties
26.    All Souls – Songs For The End Of The World
27.    Sky Valley Mistress – Faithless Rituals
28.    Black Elephant – Seven Swords
29.    Wailin Storms – Rattle
30.    Arcadian Child – Protopsycho

10Code – Ride
1000Mods – Youth of Dissent
Atlanta – Nugrybauti
Big Scenic Nowhere – Lavender Blues
Black Helium – The Wholly Other
Cobra Thief – Animal Oxygen
Dool – Summerland
Elder – Omens
Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra
Enigma Experience – Question Mark
Fuzzcrafter – C D
Fuzziebär – Grober Unfug
Gomer Pyle – Before I Die I
Hammada – Atmos
Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer
Horizon – The White Planet Patrol
Huanastone – Huanastone
Humulus – The Deep
Huntsmen – Mandala of Fear
Karkara – Nowhere Land
Kitchen Witch – Earth and Ether
Laser Dracul – Hagridden
Major Kong – Off The Scale
Mammut – Ride The Fire
Mindcrawler – Lost Orbiter
Qilin – Petrichor
Red Desert – Horizon
Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle
Sorcia - Sorcia
Stonus – Aphasia
Thammuz – Into The Great Unknown
The Goners – Good Mourning
Volcanova – Radical Waves
ZOE – Back Into The Light

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