zondag 31 januari 2021

Thammuz – Into The Great Unknown



Thammuz – Into The Great Unknown
Self released – 2020
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Psych
Rated: ****

Comprised out of members from Dreckneck and Fuzzboar, this newest Dutch incarnation of the heavy stuff is called Thammuz and their debut album Into The Great Unknown. The album was released in November 2020, jumped to the Number 2 position of the Doom Charts that month and has been spinning ever since. Grainy, stoney and dusty grooves all propelled by intense hardrock or metal riffs; psychedelic touches and the expert use of effects and snippets make this one hell of a ride into the unknown. We’ve got fast paced stompers, heavy trucking propellers and electric Kool-Aid burners like Slow. They all bring something different to the table; but they’re all done expertly well. All of it is very powerful stuff, nods to Kyuss or Monster Magnet are as satisfyingly unsettling as their modern take on all that goodness that came from the desert. Wild riffs, intense bass work and explosive drums all detonate with incandescent fuzzy splendor. Heavier, moodier and better. I guess, sometimes a new outfit might truly be more than the sum of their parts.

(Written by JK)




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