zondag 17 januari 2021

Hvalross – Cold Dark Rain



Hvalross – Cold Dark Rain
Self released – 2020
Rock, Hard, Metal, Prog, Stoner, Alternative
Rated: ***

Despite Hvalross meaning Walrus in Norwegian the four-piece band hails from the south of the Netherlands and actually partly from my neck of the woods. The four have already earned their spurs together in bands such as The Lower Lifeforms, Oker and The Astral Travellers. Where they always used heavy rock as their guide, but with all kinds of different influences. Indie, Prog and even Pop should therefor all be coursing through their veins; but of those its mostly the Prog love that’s still highly audible in the new incarnation Hvalross and their debut album Cold Dark Rain. On which they incorporate, this time around, hardrock, stoner, metal and even some sludge. There is no wrestling with limits of a certain genre here; they just incorporate them all. It’s the melody, harmony and the choirs that stands out most when first listening to the entire album, before you get caught up in the heavy side and their nudges towards something epic. Their love for everything metal shines through and with productional aid of Walter Poppelaars from that little old band called Otis it all sounds intensely precise and elegant. We hear where they are coming from, love what they’re doing and we hear what’s still a bit submerged. Part of the destiny that seems to be lying in wait for these guys seems not that completely pronounced yet, but there is definitely a gigantic beast just beneath the surface and if the boys drink the poison and make that Faustian deal; there next record will definitely be the best of that year!

(Written by JK)





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