woensdag 27 januari 2021

Sönus – Worlds Undreamed Of



Sönus – Worlds Undreamed Of
Self released – 2020
Rock, Metal, Doom, Space
Rated: ****

On Worlds Undreamed Of, the first release by one-man project Sönus, David Wachsman, the man behind it all comes across as a Doom Metal poet, a Space Rock prophet and a troubadour of despair. Moving effortlessly from Dave Wyndorf inspired vocals and lyrics to Neil Young and back again, the man weaves a colorful tapestry full of adventurous rock that will have you explore the outer reaches of the universe as much as the inner workings of your heart and soul. For the journey will take you inwards and into a cellular level of contemplation. Which is exactly the right thing to do during this world wide pandemic. But don’t think there is only burdensome meditation and reflection here; for the rock is hard, the metal heavy and certain cartoon images are bound to pop up when you’re lying on the floor spacing out to Worlds Undreamed Of. Sönus is the art, we all need to pursue and clocking in at 33 minutes, it weaves it’s all of the bong-fueled psychedelia and space-rock passages into a stunning patchwork quilt. Simply put, it’s spiritually and audibly satisfying, beautiful poetry to go with its unhurried spacey prog.

(Written by JK)




And I would think both Reek and Tony Madman Maim would dig the shit out of it! 

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