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Tony Maim’s – Personal Top 20



Tony Maim’s – Personal Top 20

The Stoner HiVe Team Members are all involved with the Doom Charts as well. So most of the personal lists already appeared there. But we’re reposting them here once again. Just because we like to keep things nice and tidy and up with the tradition… And here, on the HiVe we have a different one than Tony Madman Maim shared with the Doom Charts; cause the HiVe: "has more latitude with the genres..." And we thank all the freaks in the HiVe for that! And we’re proud to have a list by the Madman, cause he has been active on his own Black Insect Laughter blog, been even more active with all his musical outlets like Guitars On Drugs and has been fighting the battle against Covid on the forefront, the actual battleground… And doing all that and juggling a couple of shiny balls will make most everyone lose their minds…. But not the Madman! No, not the Madman!

Guitars On Drugs

Tony Maim’s – Personal Top 20

"These are in alphabetical order – each time I play one of these albums I am struck by how good it is – a number cannot represent how music has helped me get through this year. You may or may not know I work in a hospital which has been overrun by Covid since March. Taking a break and blasting sounds into my ears and just losing myself for a brief time in these sounds has been a lifeline."

Acid Mammoth  - Under Acid Hoof
(Doomy stoner rock)

All Them Witches  - Nothing As The Ideal
(Heavy psychedelic stoner blues)

Asbestos Worker – Dead End Town
(Punky noise rock)

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip
(Heavy psychedelic stoner rock) 

Bleach birth – Control
(Hardcore post-punk)

Darkest birds – Hope
(Drone doom jazz)

Fall Of Troy – Mukiltearth
(Math rock post-punk)

Forming The Void – Reverie
(Heavy psychedelic stoner rock)

Idles – Ultra Mono
(Post-punk noise rock)

Kaskadeur – Uncanny Valley
(Post-rock math prog!)

Kassad – London Orbital
(Post-black metal)

Locean – Top Ten Zen Meditations
(Garage psychedelic punk)

Love Your Witch – Fucking Relentless

(Stoner thrash metal)

Lowrider – Refractions
(Desert stoner)

Mammock – Itch
(Post-hardcore noise rock)

Orgone – Mos/Fet
(Experimental psychedelic rock)

Rosy Finch – Scarlet
(Sludge stoner metal)

Sun Crow – Quest For Oblivion
(Proto-metal doom blues)

The Mighty Ur – Take It On The Chin
(Spoken word anarcho punk)

Woorms – Twitching, as Prey
(Noise rock sludge metal)

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