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Reek of STOOM’s - Personal Top 20



Reek of STOOM’s - Personal Top 20

Today Reek of STOOM! Tomorrow the world; or… The Howls from The Hollow! Cause Reek has not only been doing magic for Doomed And Stoned and the Doom Charts, he also has his very own podcast called The Howls from The Hollow! As you know, the Stoner HiVe Team Members are all involved with the Doom Charts. So most of the personal lists already appeared there. But we’re reposting them here once again. Just because we like to keep things nice and tidy and up with the tradition… And crazy Reek did something different this year! He put out his favorite album per month for the Doom Charts... But for Stoner HiVe, he did something extra special and dived back into those months and here’s his Dirty Dozen, the twelve albums that follow that list that he selected for the Doom Charts. Yes, you could claim they’re the second best albums of those months or as Reek states: “Every month brings something new: These were the albums that intrigued and excited me in 2020 but were just overshadowed by another release that month. Here's my alternative ‘Dirty Dozen’.”

Reek of STOOM’s - Personal Top 20 (errr, top 12)


January: ACID MAMMOTH - Under Acid Hoof

February: SLIFT - Ummon

March: THUNDERCHIEF - No Sufferance For Thy Fools

April: ORANSSI PAZUZU - Mestarin Kinsi

Mei: BLACK RAINBOWS - Cosmic Ritual Supertrip


Juli: BATTALIONS - Pure Humber Sludge

Augustus: TURTLE SKULL - Monoliths

September: GHOST SHIP RITUAL - Tenth Region of the Night

October: KADAVAR - The Isolation Tapes

November: WINDHAND - Levitation Sessions

December: OLDE CROW - Masquerade



Howls From The Hollow

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