zondag 17 januari 2021

Howls From The Hollow is turning into a tsunami of wails…


Howls From The Hollow 

is turning into a tsunami of wails…

Our very own Reek of STOOM went on to write for Doomed & Stoned and the Doom Charts as well before turning his own august taste into a weekly playlist called Howls From The Hollow. He has now after joining the HiVe some two years ago turned his shrieks, his screams and his cries into even more Howling. Cause as of yesterday Howls From The Hollow also has a wixsite that provides you will all the necessary link and more importantly; will feature all kinds of crazy writing by Reek. First up is a review of the new Ripple Music released Starified album Fat Hits! He wrote about their earlier release Feathers back when he had only joined the HiVe for a few months. Fat Hits is bigger, bolder and grandiose! Or as Reek says: “Then comes the first single release, "Don Loco", a story of descent into madness replete with Vadim's powerful vocal delivery captures Starified's sound implicitly: Heavy, groovy and catchy.” Go visit the Hollow, read up on Starified and get lost in its echo chamber of heaviness! 

Howls From The Hollow

Ripple Music Bandcamp

Starified Bandcamp


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