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The Bottom Dwellers 10 of 2020!



The Bottom Dwellers 10 of 2020!

We used to be able to do a Red Lantern post about the albums from the year that passed. It entailed the album or albums that got voted for once; and only once and only on the 20th position of a sent in list. But that hasn’t been possible every year. Due to the fact that not every lists has 20 albums on it. Some have less some have more. And for some reason, every one of those lists sent in, with exactly 20 albums on it, had an album on that 20th position, which got voted for more times. So, since we wish to mention a few of those albums that had a very limited amount of votes, we invented the Bottom Dwellers post. Albums that ended up at the very bottom of the list. Which means they were still damn freaking good! Cause they got voted for! But perhaps a bit off center to the normal HiVe heaviness. Perhaps a bit more metal? Or pop? Or punk? But it still means they are featured on a small list of only 670 albums. And to think that among the HiVe Team Members alone have already listened to at least 3000 heavy albums! And we all know there are even more out there! More great records to be discovered! Which we shall continue to do! Damn, how we love this heavy stuff! Go check out the Bottom Dwellers 10 from 2020! Who knows, it might just feature your new favorite one!

Nothing Is Real – Desert Of Illusions

My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall II

Satánico Pandemonium – Culto Suicida

Sun Of Man – IV

Howard – Obstacle

Love Your Witch – Fucking Relentless

Ohhms – Close

Zombi – 2020 

Marmalade Knives – Amnesia

Bambara – Stray

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