dinsdag 19 januari 2021

Komatsu - Rose of Jericho



Komatsu - Rose of Jericho
Heavy Psych Sounds - February 2021
Sludge, stoner, blues
Rated: ****

Now on their fourth full-sized LP, Dutch sludge rockers Komatsu deliver their most mature and nuanced record yet with "Rose of Jericho". Their trademark grinding, quaking tone and low end are still very much alive, but added to the mix is a greater sense of melody and a touch of the blues. Leading cut "Stare Into The Dawn" delivers the goods without delay in a serpentine riff. The expansive, crushing tone abates in quieter moments, however, that highlight the crisp and confident vocals, one of the album's many strengths. Follow-up "Solitary Cage" then doses a shot of adrenaline, churning out a seething, chugging attack over relentless drums of war. From front to back, "Rose of Jericho" spans a range of heavy, allowing Komatsu to show off their songcraft and ability to pulverize and hypnotize in equal measure. Case in point, the minimalistic "Son of Sam" bounces along with dirty, straightforward blues, before the title track then veers into instrumental territory. A heady mix, the track is rife with eerie Western stylings and fiery guitar leads. The best is saved for last, however, with the penultimate "Call Of The Wolves". A lurking tune that patiently builds, the vocals and drums menacingly spell out a looming sense of danger before the cathartic, crashing chorus arrives. Komatsu have yet another rock solid album on their hands with "Rose of Jericho", still maintaining the savage power of their debut while flexing a knack for songcraft and atmosphere.

(Written by Shasta Beast)







Heavy Psych Sounds

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