donderdag 30 mei 2013

Roadkillsoda – Oven Sun

Roadkillsoda – Oven Sun
Self-Released – 2013
Stoner, Punk
Rated: **

From Romania comes the disgustingly named four piece Roadkillsoda.  There is a restless spirit at work on ‘Oven Sun’ as riffs writhe and squirm under its glare like multi-legged insects exposed beneath an upturned rock.  The vocals and lyrics are defined by a punkish spirit of pissed off and exhausted concern, creating apathy and a piss poor disposition.  The band is known to rock out with some freewheelin’ solos when the mood strikes them.  Mostly, Roadkillsoda music is characterized by distillery fog grunge seen through the lens of a busted bottle of southern rock.  Ten songs have spilled out on the ground averaging about three and a half minutes apiece.   Sometimes, the band’s convertible picks up a speeding ticket as songs fly in and fly out without much fuss. Before you realize it three songs and not even ten minutes have passed.  We all know the feeling, that speeding convertible is guaranteed to hit a few more fuzzy creatures along the way creating more of their particular brew.  Now, what you want to do is, see, go down to the highway side and peel yourself a pack of songs off the road.

(Written by Lucas)

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