dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Morality Crisis – Boats

Morality Crisis – Boats
Minnesconsin Records – 2013
Metal, Grind, Core, Prog, Sludge
Rated: ***

Do you want to be shell-shocked? Do you want to experience what all the victims of war experience? Do you feel like trying your luck with a roadside bomb and maybe end up in a wheelchair? Try the new record by Morality Crisis called Boats. It’s an intestine turning full frontal assault that will leave you deaf, blind and in a definite crisis. Their punky grind and hardcore tunes are infused with technical breaks and rhythm changes that makes you wonder where their progressive influences stem from. Their noise even has some stomping sludge hidden in their midst and it all is blasted your way sewage boiling vocals and battering riffs. So if you’re up for a dangerous stint through a shit kicking war zone, try out Morality Crisis; it might just save your life…

(Written by JK)

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