donderdag 23 mei 2013

Montenegro – Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma

Montenegro – Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma
Slick-O-Delic – 2013
Rock, Psychedelic, Stoner, Doom, Surf, Balkan
Rated: ****

The scale of the Argentinean landscape is hard to imagine for us Dutch freaks. We cross our country from North to South or East to West in less than two hours depending the traffic. The same goes for the extreme beauty that goes with the territory and it’s colorful capital Buenos Aires. It is hard to picture in gray Holland. Montenegro hails from their main city and tries to capture both aspects in a whirlwind of psychedelic rock, which incorporates Balkan moments, old Surf cues and something that reminds of Enrico Morricone. It also has a darker aspect that must stem from the bad side of town. The part where El Bandito lives with his trusted burro ‘Horse Michael’. You can see him smoking his cigar, drinking his horrible mescal and riding his donkey when the red sun starts to set and the ill mannered come out to play. Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma seems to be the perfect soundtrack to his weird and ugly adventures and his trek through the desert. Montenegro has the ability to paint those pictures well…

(Written by JK)

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  1. Montenegro! With slightly better production value this could be awesome! (And perhaps the same goes for Ventilators?!) Ho ho!