woensdag 4 maart 2015

Torche – Restarter

Torche – Restarter
Relapse Records – 2015
Metal, Stoner, Rock, Sludge
Rated: ****

What to say about those damn funny freaks that is Torche. Rocking the world for over ten years with an ever changing approach to the music they want to bring. It could be seen as a justified quest to find the perfect metal soundtrack to sunny and shiny rock that is both infectious as it is catchy. And on the record Restarter, the first album after Steve Brooks reformed Floor, they are back at it, in fine form. Where Harmonicraft from 2012 went overboard with its lighthearted approach we can now hear something even more compelling than Meanderthal. You could almost state that the quest is over and that Restarter is the treasure they have been looking for all this time. Easy comprehensible riffs that slowly but solidly work towards eager refrains. Thrumming bass and guitar colors that are allowed to zing, sting and fuzz. Gentle rolling songs leisurely built by straightforward yet shimmering riffs, outlandish prose and poetry in unadorned vocals with beautiful echoes. And then there are the faster and more nervous songs with speeding tempos and a rhythm section that becomes a beast all onto itself. Typically Torche, the Restarter album has it all and moves easily around heavy, chugging, rocking, hypnotic and sexy without every losing focus or that typically Torche sound…  

(Written by JK)

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