maandag 30 maart 2015

Hard Rock Revolution – Vol 1

Hard Rock Revolution – Vol 1
Self Released – 2015
Stoner, Hard, Rock, Doom, Psych
Rated: ***.5

Hard Rock Revolution are a collection of kindred spirits, compelled by unseen forces to unite in forums, blogs and now Bandcamp to spread the word about Hard Rock, Metal, Doom. Stoner, Sludge, Psych and Blues. With that in mind, they have assembled 36 bands as a platter for you to either gorge at one sitting or to savour when you feel the need. With cuts from Doctor Smoke, Boar, Shelfin, Cult of The Occult, Sonora Ritual and plenty more, for $1.01, this can be yours. Well worth a spin or two and if you do not like a track, hey – fast forward, there are plenty more choice cuts on this collection.

(Written by Tony)

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