vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Lord Loud – IN

Lord Loud – IN
Self released – 2015
Rock, Garage, Psych, Punk, Grunge, Stoner
Rated: ****

Four highly concise rockers and two battleships. The debut EP entitled IN by the Van Nuys, California duo Lord Loud has a lot going on for everybody who digs the fuzz, the stoner and the garage rock. There’s something highly addictive about these six masterful tracks. The whirling guitar in opener Innerspace, the riff stomp that accompanies it and the stand out vocals, lusciously pitched and echoed. The languid ‘ooh ooh ooh’ in that gritty straight forward rocker Searching For The Thief, that even older sounding psychedelic garage sound in Tune In and everything about No Regard. And that’s when the cruisers anchor down in a hidden cove somewhere and the battleships set sail. The highly psychedelic Living Mystery which invokes some doomy feelings and as the drums groove and dance, the guitars do the talking and the haunting vocals drag you along on this mystical adventure. And after that closer Silent Spokes slows down even more and turns into a creepy and irking howler of a track. Echoes of something whispered in forgotten times. After which we’re all in. And there’s no way out…

(Written by JK)

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