vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Het Universumpje – De Grenzen Van Het Toelaatbare

Het Universumpje – De Grenzen Van Het Toelaatbare
PIAS – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Dutch
Rated: **

The four Dutch freaks that make up Het Universumpje, are one of those one-off creatures. Like the Platypus. It’s most of everything, somewhere in between and absolutely nothing at all. The music on their debut album De Grenzen Van Het Toelaatbare comes across as highly electrified stoner pop in the vein of Queens Of The Stone Age or De Staat. Which is something we could dig, were it not, that almost every song soon feels like you heard it before and that this is the less interesting version of it. Musically there is nothing that sets them apart unfortunately. But there are ofcourse the lyrics. In Dutch. Pretty poetic, with overtones of the absurd, humor, philosophical irony and social criticism. Albeit a bit farfetched from time to time, it is highly interesting to hear the Dutch language being used in this kind of rock music. Which sometimes works and sometimes comes across as certain artists from the Netherlands nobody wants to be compared to. The weirdest part though is the vague but acute sense of aggression they tend to invoke. You really want to hurt someone. Preferably the band members. Strange… Cause I am not a violent man… But they are testing the limits of what’s permissible…

(Written by JK)

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