woensdag 4 maart 2015

Get Your Gun – The Worrying Kind

Get Your Gun – The Worrying Kind
Empty Tape – 2015
Rock, Folk, Stoner, Garage
Rated: ***

The Danish formation Get Your Gun gives us their version of subdued garage, rock and stoner. In fact on The Worrying Kind they often come across as a hybrid between 16 Horsepower, The Gun Club and Queens of The Stone Age. A sort of stoner folk experience that enchants and grips your throat with dark and sensual hands. Cause even though we are only treated to seven tracks on this album, they sure as hell grab your attention. Heavy stuff and hard to take in on occasion, but o’ so beautiful as well. Their Scandinavian melancholy is ripe with Viking shadows and ghostly flatlands. Calm one moment and savage and wild the next. With a weak white light they bring out those gloomy black experiences of human existence. Instinctive, they speak to the unconsciousness and have you reliving past lives where you travelled in a lusciously carved Knarr to distant shores not knowing whether you would return. Scattered like a broken necklace of pearls and small drops of blood, the Get Your Gun trio have delivered something highly logical with a natural pattern to otherworldly feelings. You were there, remember…

(Written by JK)

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