woensdag 11 maart 2015

Satori Junk – Satori Junk

Satori Junk – Satori Junk
Self released/Taxi Driver Records – 2015
Rock, Doom, Stoner, Sludge, Psych, Space
Rated: ****

Hailing from that grand old lady of Italy, Milano is the foursome called Satori Junk who delivered their first calling card in 2013 and named it Doomsday. A rickety sounding, but beautifully crafted electrified stoner, doom and sludge four song experience lasting for almost half an hour. And now they follow that up with an amazing self-titled full-sized album that sounds like they’ve surely met the devil on a crossroad somewhere. Cause the improvement on all fronts is incredible. Satori Junk sounds like a wooly mammoth dancing pirouettes, jumping and landing on its toes. Cause even though it grinds and plows and is incredibly fuzzy and heavy, there is also so much delicacy going on. Just listen to the synthesizer in track one weaving and waving and bringing it all together. The intricate little details everywhere are what makes this album so wonderful. They seem to have want to put a different instrument in the spotlight on certain songs and the way the voice in the beginning and after the guitar ties the second track Spookie Boogie together is once again, incredible. There is no junk on this record, only treasures. Cause these guys have found and experienced their one through self and managed to translate it into grandiose music…

(Written by JK)

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