maandag 9 maart 2015

The Cover That Could – III

The Cover That Could – III

Cato Salsa Experience – Planet Heart

And finally 2005 was deemed fit to release a tribute album in honor of the mighty Guitar Wolf. This notorious Japanese garage, rock and punk trio has so many great albums to their name that it was high time to celebrate all their qualities. And not just because they still have the Guinness Book of Records record for loudest recorded album ever, their record Jet Generation released in 1999. Ain’t that a kick!? But on the tribute album named I Love Guitar Wolf… Very Much, we find thirteen songs performed by bands such as Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Porch Ghouls and Jim O’Rourke. And then there is that highly noteworthy version done by the Cato Salsa Experience. The band founded and named by magician Cato Salsa Thomassen, who produced numerous albums and played righteous parts on even more. He later also went on tour with Madrugada and joined Sivert Hoyem’s band. These Norwegians do a righteous cover of the song Planet Heart from the album Planet Of The Wolves and give it that bit of air and breathing room that the original version from 1997 kind of missed. And therefore perhaps make it even better than the original?!

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