vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Here we are with the second edition of the Quick Fire Friday of 2015! The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment is a feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess and our melodic belief…  

Mojo Waves – 7x7

The out of control Mojo Waves from Finland are about to release their new album "All the Right Parts Fit The Wrong Way" in May 2015 via Macaroni Penguin Music. It's a follow up to their amazing five star album, Lo and Behold! Let’s hope the new album has as much big riffs, grooves, shrieking vocals, deep vibes, and most of all, catchy tunes to freak us out. And judging by the first single 7x7, this will surely be the case!

The Kahless Clone’s – An Endless Loop

Instrumental. There. That peeked some of your interest. The Kahless Clone is a project started by Vito Marchese of Novembers Doom fame. Long drawn out compositions that forges the vibe of dark metal with the sonic landscape and emotional buildups of post-rock. Severe and delicate and absolutely beautiful. So check out the An Endless Loop EP and forget about time...

Mares Of Diomedes - Mares Of Diomedes

Recorded at the Hive studios in Kilcoole Ireland. Well, that’s enough for us at the HiVe to pay attention. Mares of Diomedes is a duo. A crusty metal and sludge duo that deliver four gutter punches. Two brothers that will get your mind in a frenzy and have you milling around like a madman! Owyeah!

Shroud Eater – Face The Master

Stoner sludge titans! That’s the moniker that stuck to Shroud Eater. And it serves them right! Cause it serves them just! Just listen to the new two track EP Face The Master and you know there is nothing bigger than this. Ugly, grandiose and brutal. A titan having a drunken brawl and stomping his enemies!

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