donderdag 5 maart 2015

Dishonor in War – Cause and Effect

Dishonor in War – Cause and Effect
Self released – 2014
Metal, Core
Rated: ***

It is definitely not my style of vocal representation of a song, but whichever way you look at it, this guy does know how to do it right and carry enough emotion in his hyperactive distorted screams to keep you transfixed. The five-piece Dishonor In War from Eindhoven released their debut ep Cause And Effect in the summer of last year. It’s filled with brutal hardcore and grinding metal core but with definite melodic touches and even some highly inspired interludes or intros. Just listen to the start of Valkyrie and you know that these freaks don’t just want to hurt their instruments, they know how to handle them! Indeed, even though the five tracks are fierce, violent and destructive, they do retain a smaller glimmer of hope. In both their lyrics, breaks and melodies. These guys are destined to make waves in the hardcore scene… It’s the simple math of cause and effect…

(Written by JK)

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