donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Mojo Waves – Enjoy, Don’t Destroy

Mojo Waves – Enjoy, Don’t Destroy
Self released – 2012
Rock, Free, Seventies, Psychedelica, Garage
Rated: *****

After the Finnish trio Mojo Waves introduced themselves with their impressive first EP called Introducing Mojo Waves all the way back in March of 2012 they immediately got to work on the follow-up. And in July of that same crazy year Enjoy, Don’t Destroy was released. Another three-song collection featuring the same wild and twisted sounds that we’ve come to love in those few dangerous months that came before. And I doubt the guys changed much in the way they work or did much different stuff then what they did three months before; but they suddenly sound much more mature and their production skills have risen to incredible heights. The shrieks and wails are still there, and so are the majestic grooves, heavy rock out’s and stampeding thunderous sounds. But this time those aspects are introduced into a definite structured song. Organized wild and savage rock that rolls over in massive waves of pure enchanting Mojo. Double U, O Double U! WOW!

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