donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Rainbow Teeth – Rainbow Teeth

Rainbow Teeth – Rainbow Teeth
Self released – 2012 
Rock, Experimental 
Rated: ** 

Are you looking to get weird? Strange? And perhaps even dangerously unstable? Give a listen to the self-titled debut album of Rainbow Teeth. It will not only turn yer head upside down; it will surely give you shivers of joy, anger or plain and utter madness. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride through almost all branches of music although it lingers mostly on experimental indie rock. Maybe it should even be called post experimental indie freak out or something just as bizarre. It is often too much to take in and seems to want to break all the ‘rules’ ever thought off like a new kind of Zappa-esque approach. But unlike the big Moustache; these guys seem to lose themselves a bit too much in trying to be grotesque and peculiar. And if that is the aim; they take the rainbow colored cake and eat it too with a truckload of sprinkles on top. But if the aim was to make weird music they miss the oars to keep their kaleidoscopic boat afloat; it slowly seems to sink below their insane and chaotic brainwaves… But every now and again we can all use a dip in the ocean… 

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  1. Geoffrey explains all about teeth when Bungle loses one of his milk-teeth and Zippy eats too many sweets.

    Errrr?!? Heehee!


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